Hello! My name is Maxime Lebled (on the internet, people know me as MaxOfS2D) — but just call me Max. I love to make 3D things — but mostly animating them — experimenting with new stuff, and posting about it online. I have worked at Facepunch Studios Ltd. for two years on the games Rust and Garry's Mod, and am currently freelancing.

Despite the manner in which online presence is nowadays divided between many profiles on big websites, social networks, and other web apps, I still have a personal home page which I don't update very often. Below are a list of relevant links.

blog the serious, rarely-updated blog, where i post articles or text tutorials.
portfolio this is my online portfolio. except it doesn't actually exist yet. (coming soon-ish)
source a repository for source files of my work (mostly pertaining to the source engine).

freesound great website for creative commons sound resources, to which i have contributed.
google+ (profile) i only have a profile on google+ because it's required for google services.
google+ (page) this is the google+ page that i was forced to create as a youtube user.
hitbox.tv livestreaming video games, or work related to video games. better than twitch.
last.fm what music i'm listening to, what i've listened to, which tracks i love.
linkedin online resumé, where i've worked, what i've worked on, recommendations, etc.
soundcloud where i (re)post some of the silly audio things (mashups, readings) i've made.
steam my steam community profile (please don't add me to your friends list).
tf2tip team fortress 2 texture improvement project by nassimo & blaholtzen.
tumblr a less serious place for reblogs and such. features asks (anonymous questions).
twitter my twitter account. well, i don't really need to describe what twitter is.
vine.co a feed of six second looping videos in terrible hardware-encoded quality.
youtube #1 my main youtube channel. this is where i post (almost only) animation videos.
youtube #2 my other youtube channel. a place for all the other kinds of videos.