Hello! My name is Maxime Lebled (on the internet, people know me as MaxOfS2D) — but just call me Max. I love to make 3D things — but mostly animating them — experimenting with new stuff, and posting about it online.

I have worked at Facepunch Studios Ltd. for two years on the games Rust and Garry's Mod, contributed to the indie retro-arcade shooter Wrack, and am currently part of Year Seventeen, a group of developers working on the game Fireborne.

Despite the way in which online presence is nowadays divided between many profiles on big websites, social networks, and other web apps, I still have a personal home page which I don't update very often. Here's a list of relevant links.

blog a rarely-updated blog where i post articles that didn't take less than 5mn to write.
portfolio this is my online portfolio, currently still in barebones form, but that's okay.
source a repository for source files of my work (mostly pertaining to the source engine).

facebook page one of the places where i post various animations and WIPs... sometimes.
google+ (profile) i only have a profile on google+ because it's required for google services.
google+ (page) this is the google+ page that i was forced to create as a youtube user.
last.fm what music i'm listening to, what i've listened to, which tracks i love.
linkedin online resumé, where i've worked, what i've worked on, recommendations, etc.
soundcloud where i (re)post some of the silly audio things (mashups, readings) i've made.
steam my steam community profile (please don't add me to your friends list).
tf2tip team fortress 2 texture improvement project by nassimo & blaholtzen.
tumblr a less serious place for reblogs and such. features asks (anonymous questions).
twitch.tv livestreaming video games, or work related to video games. player below.
twitter my twitter account. well, i don't really need to describe what twitter is.
vine.co a feed of six second looping videos in terrible hardware-encoded quality.
youtube #1 my main youtube channel. this is where i post (almost only) animation videos.
youtube #2 my other youtube channel. a place for all the other kinds of videos.